Woman using Hydrow Rower in front of large windows

There’s no pounding or jerking. No whirling, bouncing, or spinning furiously… It’s smooth, rhythmic, poetic. The fluid movement of rowing pushes the body and releases the mind. This is a machine that moves with you. You adapt, change, grow… and it grows along with you.

It’s not a disruption you wrestle and push into your life, only to ultimately fall off. This is a machine that pulls you in, and matches you stroke for stroke. A symphony in perfect harmony. It’s not just movement, but a movement. An epic, ongoing journey of ups and downs we take together.

This is actually not a machine at all.

This is a true human experience.

And it’s beautiful.

This is Hydrow.

Hydrow Founder and CEO Bruce Smith

Our Founder

Long before our founder Bruce was born, his ancestors were building shell boats. So perhaps unsurprisingly, the very first time he found the sport his lifelong obsession began. He’ll tell you it was the “swing” of the rhythm of rowing in perfect harmony with his teammates that bonded him to the boathouse and the lifestyle. Today, he’ll insist that same “swing” is what continues to move the entire rowing community forward. After all, it’s what brought us all here today.

Bruce is at the helm of all of our efforts, bringing to the table a lifetime of rowing experience, a long and well-respected coaching career (of the U.S. National Team), an unrelenting passion to push the sport forward, and both first-hand and scientific evidence of the impact rowing can have on body and mind. And it is his mission to share all of that with anyone interested.

Under his guidance, the Hydrow Team has been able to create a world-class way to do that: our rower. Together, we continue the movement, the “swing” that connected Bruce with the water way back when. With a state-of-the-art home fitness machine that grants you access to world class waterways, the sport’s most elite athletes, whole-body health, and a community that spans centuries, and the globe.